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The Great Setup With Dr. David Martin

Dr. David Martin has a way of delivering sunlight with a level of clarity achieved by few others. In this riveting and eye-opening documentary, “The Great Setup” delves into the unsettling world of global genocide. Where one man, Dr. David … Continue reading

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NATO Backtracks, Now Admits It Was Not Russia Who Fired Missile into Poland – It Was Ukraine, But Still Putin’s Fault

By Sundance This is a great example of two dangerous dynamics. First, the intellectual dishonesty that is needed to believe that Russia would attack Poland. Second, the insufferable immediate response from U.S. and international media stenographers lusting for war, and … Continue reading

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Big Picture, 2022 Midterm Elections Highlight the Distinct Difference Between Ballots and Votes

By Sundance As the political discussion centers on the 2022 wins and losses from the midterm election, one thing that stands out in similarity to the 2020 general election is the difference between ballots and votes.  It appears in some … Continue reading

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Watch “The Real Anthony Fauci” Movie Here

This full-feature film is based on the book by Robert F. Kenedy Jr of the same title. It is incredibly well-produced and well worth your time. Part One Part Two

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Florida Surgeon General Dr. Joseph Ladapo Discusses His Decision to Recommend Against COVID-19 Vaccines for Young Adult Males

On October 7, the Office of Florida’s Surgeon General Joseph A. Ladapo, MD, PhD, issued an announcement recommending “against males aged 18 to 39 from receiving mRNA Covid-19 vaccines.” [link] This created quite a stir as his advice goes against the recommendations … Continue reading

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22,000 Colorado Households Lose Control of Their Home Thermostats During Heat Wave as Power Company Locks Out Air Conditioning Use

Comrades, a heatwave hit the Colorado region Tuesday with temperatures exceeding 90 degrees. Indoor temperatures began climbing, and when formerly free-range residents attempted to adjust their air conditioning, they discovered they were locked out from control in their own home … Continue reading

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The Energy Economy

Let’s say you are an average household with an income around $100,000/yr who has an increase in electricity rates from $300 to $500 due to Joe Biden’s new national energy policy known as the Green New Deal.  That’s $200 more … Continue reading

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Fox News: John Roberts Breaks The Silence About Vaccine Injuries

By Emerald Robinson Two months ago, I helped to publicize the story (375,000 page views and counting!) that Fox News took money from the Biden regime to push COVID vaccine propaganda on their network relentlessly. Fox News (like almost all the other … Continue reading

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Must Watch – Gateway Pundit Interview Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips on 2000 Mules

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