Google/YouTube Deletes Oliver Stone Documentary “Ukraine on Fire” Which is Exactly Why You Should Watch it.

In a remarkable display of propaganda and Big Tech effort to erase history, thereby shaping public opinion, YouTube, which is owned by Google Inc, has deleted the award-winning Oliver Stone documentary “Ukraine on Fire.”  Apparently, the truth about the history of Ukraine is against the interests of the current global order who are seeking to exploit the Ukraine-Russia conflict.

In response to the effort by Big Tech, NATO, the collective western governments and World Economic Forum, the producer, director and copyright owner Igor Lopatonok has released the copyright and made the documentary available for open download [Vimeo LINK].  It is also now available for viewing on this {Direct Rumble Link} and shared below.

It is in the interest of NATO and the current Biden Administration, that people do not fully understand the Nazi history of Ukraine.  The Oliver Stone documentary is well sourced and cited, and apparently a concern for the collective west.

The solution to Big Tech control efforts, is a wider distribution.

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