Poland Calls Secretary Blinken’s Bluff, Refuses to Help the United States Start World War-III Against Russia

By Sundance

Last weekend U.S secretary of State Anthony Blinken said Poland was in preparations to send their MIG fighter planes to Ukraine, and the U.S. would be replacing them.   It was a stunning statement considering that Poland is a NATO ally, and Russia would certainly see this effort as increasing direct confrontation.  However, a few hours later Poland issued a statement essentially refuting the claims by Secretary Blinken and saying they had no intent to send fighter jets into Ukraine.  Essentially the government of Poland called Blinken a liar.

In a stunning exhibition of poor diplomacy with very serious consequences, the State Department did not retract the weekend claims by Blinken, instead they doubled down saying that Poland was going to send fighter planes into Ukraine, which means NATO would be entering the conflict, which means U.S. forces would soon join the battle.  Drawing the U.S. into the war, looks like intent of Blinken’s effort.

However, in a statement today, again highlighting they have no intent to trigger World War III (despite the best efforts of the U.S), Poland is calling Blinken’s bluff {SOURCE}.  I screen captured it, because I do not want anyone to miss the direct framework of the Polish position:

Everything about that statement, including the headline, shouts that Poland is calling Anthony Blinken’s bluff.

Essentially Poland is saying: “Bulls**t, on all of this.  The U.S. is lying.  We are not going to start World War III, but if you intend to – well, here’s the tools, you start the war.”  It is a stunning statement, and a jaw-dropping situation.

The U.S. State Department is trying to use Poland to trigger a NATO war against Russia.  Poland wants no part of that and is directly and specifically telling the world that Secretary of State Anthony Blinken is lying.  Yet somehow, the media don’t report on this.

Here’s the previous stuff:

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