Stunning Discovery – Evidence Suggests U.S. Intel Baited Russia in December by Telling China Ukraine Was Coming Into NATO

By Sundance from The Conservative Treehouse – Original Article Here

Major HatTip to [PTC on Twitter] for finding this article and quote.  First, the context:

Yesterday the New York Times reported on U.S. intelligence and diplomatic officials from the State Dept sharing intelligence with Chinese officials in the three months leading up to the Russian invasion.  {Go Deep on Analysis} The narrative from the article tells the story of the U.S. trying to convince China in December, January and February to intervene and persuade Russia not to cross the border into Ukraine.

Many people have looked at this story from the perspective of incompetence, ie. why would the Biden team think China would not share the intel, etc.

However, when it comes to these types of issues, never ascribe to incompetence that which can be explained by intent.

There’s every reason to believe what the Biden intelligence community and state department were sharing with China was done so with the intention of Beijing giving it to Moscow.

From that perspective the question around intent becomes, what did they push and why did they push it?

Now we get to the story, quote and critical Reuters article from December of 2021. What was being said by Joe Biden to Ukraine President Vladimir Zelenskyy?

Reuters, December 9, 2021 – “U.S. President Joe Biden assured Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy that Kyiv’s bid to join the NATO military alliance was in its own hands, Zelenskiy’s chief of staff said after the two leaders spoke on Thursday.

Biden and Zelenskiy had a call two days after Biden held talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin to try to defuse a crisis over Russian troop movements near Ukraine’s borders. (read more)

This is a red line for Russia, Joe Biden knew it.  Vladimir Putin had been very clear about his opposition, and everyone knew it.  Russia would never concede allowing Ukraine to enter NATO.

Worth noting, this is the same December 2021, timeframe when the U.S. intel community and Dept of State were talking to China about the Russian troop buildup, per the New York Times info.

The Biden administration is not stupid enough to tell Zelenskyy he’s about to enter NATO without knowing this would trigger a definitive military response from Putin.

There’s only one way to look at this.  The Biden administration was purposefully baiting Putin, and provoking Putin to invade Ukraine, because the team around Biden wanted Putin to invade Ukraine.

The question then becomes why?  Why would the people in/around Biden want to provoke Vladimir Putin to invade Ukraine?

Again, a critical frame of reference is needed to answer that question: never ascribe to incompetence that which can be explained by intent. 

With the scale of economic bad news and catastrophic policy outcomes overwhelming the White House, a geopolitical crisis to distract the world’s attention does have major benefits.  However, this specific motive is also deeper than that….

This crisis actually helps advance the goals and objectives of domestic policy in multiple ways.

The people around Biden want soaring energy costs, they want huge increases in gasoline costs as part of their Green New Deal agenda.  These are ideological travelers, the most intense elements within the Obama crowd, and Biden has been installed as a disposable figurehead allowing them to operate a policy agenda without any concern for political damage.

Paving the path to ‘the great reset’, also known as ‘Build Back Better’ is much easier when the fundamental change crowd can just plow full speed ahead.

These are the most entrenched ideologues who consider federal deficit spending as a means to an end, where the U.S. is fundamentally changed and forever diminished because we are broke.

Through this prism of consequence, all of the negative domestic outcomes from Russia entering Ukraine and our responses therein, are not viewed as bad outcomes.  These consequences are domestic and economic pains to be embraced, not avoided.  After all, the people delivering these outcomes will never, themselves, feel any of it.

Watch what happens if our own government, these same entrenched ideologues, are successful in leveraging the sanctions against Russia to include the removal of Russia from the SWIFT financial exchanges.

Russia, China and Iran will immediately respond to the “west” blocking Russia from the SWIFT financial system.  If they launch a counter trade currency to work around the petro-dollar, it will not take long before the dollar is weakened or removed as the global trade currency.  If that happens, it’s game over for the United States of America as we know it.

Now, think about the Obama crew, the most ideological of all ideological traveling globalists…. the same crew who wanted to see the decolonialization of western culture.  The crew who wants ‘fundamental and permanent change’….  For this crew, the collapse of the United States is their goal.  For this crew, getting to that place by putting SWIFT sanctions on Russia is a net positive.

From that perspective, what is happening in Ukraine-Russia becomes a completely different dynamic.

Why would the people in/around Biden want to manipulate information, stoke, trigger and provoke Vladimir Putin to invade Ukraine?

Well, there’s your answer.

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