Tucker Carlson Revisits the Media People Who Manipulated the Hunter Biden Laptop Story

By Sundance: On his evening broadcast Fox news host Tucker Carlson took a historic look at how the media manipulated the Hunter Biden laptop story in order to protect Joe Biden as a candidate.  These same media personalities claim they are credible, and viciously attack anyone who points out their lies.   The example of the Buden laptop should forever dispatch any credibility they claim to hold.  WATCH: 

Not included in the Carlson review, but one of the most transparently biased segments on the Biden laptop issue, was the interview between CNN disinformation specialist Christiane Amanpour and Liz Harrington.  Given the recent revelations about the authenticity of the Biden laptop, watch this video of Amanpour trying to protect the regime.

The Follow-up (below) is when it gets heated.

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