Tucker Carlson Revisits the Media People Who Manipulated the Hunter Biden Laptop Story

By Sundance: On his evening broadcast Fox news host Tucker Carlson took a historic look at how the media manipulated the Hunter Biden laptop story in order to protect Joe Biden as a candidate.  These same media personalities claim they are credible, and viciously attack anyone who points out their lies.   The example of the Buden laptop should forever dispatch any credibility they claim to hold.  WATCH: 

Not included in the Carlson review, but one of the most transparently biased segments on the Biden laptop issue, was the interview between CNN disinformation specialist Christiane Amanpour and Liz Harrington.  Given the recent revelations about the authenticity of the Biden laptop, watch this video of Amanpour trying to protect the regime.

The Follow-up (below) is when it gets heated.

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While Americans Suffer Their Economy, Detached Pelosi Orders Catered Luncheon and Dancers for Her Entertainment

By Sundance.

It is important for us to accept the reality of our current situation.  As millions of American citizens are suffering the economic damage from rising inflation, gas prices and the working class are trying to figure out just how to make ends meet, it becomes critical to know how our political leadership are responding.

This video is an unfortunate representation of the state of our union.  House Speaker Nancy Pelosi holds court, hosting a catered luncheon and calling for dancers to perform for her and the congressional delegation.  Please WATCH (10 mins):

The juxtaposition of images from outside congress to the activity inside congress speaks for itself.

You might want to bookmark the video above; in the event anyone asks you to explain your political position.

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New York Times Admits Hunter Biden Laptop Evidence Was Accurate, The Intelligence Community Was Lying

By Sundance. Apparently, the motive everyone inferred about Joe Biden to making those bizarre statements about compromising sexual material and blackmail was accurate. Less than 12 hours after his weird comments, yesterday the New York Times released a devastating article finally admitting that every previously denied allegation surrounding the Hunter Biden laptop was accurate.

For almost two years, the United States government, using resources from the Dept of Justice and FBI, have been trying desperately to bury the truth of Joe and Hunter Biden’s corrupt and illegal activities that relate to the country of Ukraine and the business company Burisma.  However, the reality of the information is so overwhelming even the DOJ cannot completely hide the problems.

The legal issues are massive, yet one of the key takeaways from the admission and revelations is even bigger than the scandal within the story.  All of those intelligence agencies, that said the Hunter Biden laptop was “Russian disinformation”, were purposefully and intentionally lying.  All of the current and former administration officials were also lying, and the entire institutional media complex was part of the lying construct.

All of their denials, false statements, malicious attacks against the people telling the truth, and all of the Big Tech censorship that was purposefully and intentionally deployed to keep the lies retained, was done in an effort to manufacture a protective shield for Joe Biden.  They didn’t get it wrong, they were not mistaken, they didn’t misreport or misstate the facts – they willfully and purposefully lied.

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MONOPOLY – Who owns the world? Documentary by Tim Gielen

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Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano calls for resistance against New World Order

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Elizabeth Warren Promised High Gas Prices, Joe Biden Delivered Them

Most people, myself included, don’t have a thorough understanding of the complexities of topics such as politics, the global economy and government corruption. Thankfully, there are a select few out there who DO have such an understanding and are able to present them to us in a way that is easy to understand. Sundance is one of those people. This article is brilliant and I sincerely hope you take the time to read it.

In September of 2019, Elizabeth Warren promised to do something on her first day in office that would rebuild the Russian economy, grow China’s influence and support the Maduro regime in Venezuela.  We immediately wrote about it HERE.

SEPT 7, 2019 – Democrat presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren has made a campaign promise that was quite remarkable:

What Senator Elizabeth Warren promised in that tweet is EXACTLY what Joe Biden did on his first day in office.   Now, before going further, let me explain something about that relationship that will likely make a lot more sense.

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Whoops, Narrative Shifting – Ex British Special Forces Reported Among Victims of Russia Strike Against Military Training Facility in Ukraine

By Sundance

As with all things Ukraine, when the initial reports of the Russian cruise missile attack against the military training facility located near the border with Poland, we said to be cautious about western reporting of no NATO military personnel present, killed or injured.

The reason is for the warning was simple – if NATO is providing weapons and training, they’ve got to be doing the distribution and training somewhere in Ukraine near the NATO border.  Conduct war operations in a war zone, and you run the risk of war outcomes.

Now the Daily Mail is beginning to report on ‘missing, feared dead’ former British special forces operators likely killed in the blast.  As the story evolves, how long will it be before U.S. headlines carry similar missing U.S. “contractor” stories?

Most of the U.S. and NATO warfighting is carried out by independent contractors or mercenary groups now.  Ukraine is the perfect battlespace for that unofficial type of war fighter engagement.

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Congress To Hold Private Meeting With Zelenskyy To Celebrate the Allocation of Taxes While U.S. Citizens Are Kept Out Using Fences and Barbed Wire

By Sundance

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer have announced a private congressional teleconference between the exclusive confab of DC elites and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky that will take place on Wednesday.   Congress has allocated $13.6 billion in “Ukraine-related” aid, with “10% for the big guy.”

The subject matter of the virtual meeting will likely surround the allocation of taxpayer indulgency fees to support Ukraine and the Non-Governmental Organizations run by the families of DC conference participants.  The meeting provides Zelenskyy the first opportunity to thank congress for deposits into his offshore holdings and celebrate his magnanimous money laundering operation.

Meanwhile, taxpayers who fund the congressional spending will be kept away from the private meeting by armed guards, fences and barbed wire constructed around the House of Representatives.  There is apparently and ongoing concern that the people who fund government might actually get too close to the government they are required to fund.

Yes, this is the ongoing state of our union, and our voices are irrelevant to their conduct.

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Attorney Thomas Renz – Full Presentation at the ReAwaken America Tour 3/12/22

Thomas Renz is the Attorney representing the DoD whistleblowers who exposed the alarming increase in vaccine-related injuries and deaths numbers leaked from the DMED database.


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Another Round of Ukraine Hoaxes Discovered?

By Sundance

The propaganda out of the Ukraine/Hollywood association is continuing unabated.   In a Twitter video today pushed by Buzzfeed Journalist Christopher Miller {SEE HERE} the claim is, “President Zelensky walked to a hospital today to visit wounded Ukrainian soldiers and award them with state honors for their sacrifices.

However, alert researchers noted {SEE HERE} the woman to Zelenskyy’s left in the video is a physician named Inna Derusova. She was reported to have died on February 26th.

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